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 Energy Transmission

Energy Transmission Solutions

As countries across the world transition to net zero, the necessary changes needed to bring these ambitions to life are underpinned by a strong, secure, and smart transmission grid, transmitting power from renewable sources to where it is needed.

Solutions that deliver sustainable, flexible, and secure power, energy storage, and power quality solutions to maintain a reliable supply are key qualities for utilities.

Renewable generation in remote areas combined with rapidly changing urban landscapes is increasing the need for long transmission lines and powerful cross-border interconnections with minimal losses. 

Along with our partners, we continue to forge cutting digital solutions that work towards enhancing the capacity, resilience, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability of the transmission network. 

The benefits we bring to energy transmission

Aerial view of a high voltage substation.

Expansion & modernization

Your transmission network is bringing increased renewable generation from across your region to meet 24/7 consumer demand. Additionally, you are revolutionizing your network by interconnecting with neighboring transmission systems, levelling up existing assets, and readying your asset fleet for a digital tomorrow.  

Two specialist electrical substation engineers inspect modern high-voltage equipment during sunset. Energy. Industry

Resilience & reliability 

Although your network is already extremely reliable, the challenges of integrating intermittent renewable generation quickly require a different approach, and grid stability and resilience is more important than ever.  

Solar energy panels, wind power and electricity pylons seen in Germany

Flexibility & value

Delivering value to stakeholders and customers is in your DNA, and in a data driven world, opportunities to maximize that value are appearing all the time.  


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Electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system. 

Are you ready to partner with us on this journey and take your transmission networks to the next level?