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Carbon-neutral energy system

Towards carbon-neutral

Our world needs to deliver upon urgent climate change commitments and circular economy. The Energy Transition is key. As society shifts towards sustainable energy and as industries rapidly convert to electrification, one thing is clear: electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system. ​

We consider the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an important initiative for realizing sustainable society. Together with customers and partners, we are playing a key role in accelerating the energy transition. We believe that we can make a significant contribution to the following eight SDGs, in particular:

​Together, with customers and partners, we are developing digital and energy platforms. We are helping customers to overcome the complexity and capacity challenges required to transition towards a carbon-neutral energy system. 

Three building blocks

Accelerated shift from fossil-based to renewable power generation

Growing electrification of Transportation, Industry and Buildings sectors

Sustainable energy carriers complementary to direct electrification

Fast facts

Analysis by Hitachi Energy’s experts into the evolution of the total world energy system indicates that global electricity consumption will more than double from 20 percent (today) to over 40 percent of total energy demand by 2050. And certain regions of the world will go far beyond this level of electrification. The forecasts all come to the same conclusion: the carbon-neutral world is electric. Four facts stand out…​

Global electrification will be more than 50% of total energy demand

High voltage, high speed road car track in the background of high voltage towers

All market sectors converting towards electrification

Energy sector-coupling beneficial

Electrification improves energy efficiency


Now is the time for closer collaboration and for building sustainable partnerships. Here are a selection of recent thought-leading perspectives from customers, partners and our own experts sharing ideas and opinions on how we towards a carbon-neutral energy future.

Customer Stories

Hear from our customers on how we are enabling them to accelerate through the Energy Transition. Together, we are co-creating flexible solutions that help to realize their success, whilst contributing towards a carbon-neutral energy future and to sustainable societies.

Resilience in a remote fishing town

In Cordova, Alaska, Hitachi Energy helped to establish a microgrid that supports the adoption of renewable power from multiple sources, including two hydroelectric dams. The microgrid includes a battery energy storage system (BESS) which enables Cordova to maximize its hydropower generation. Cordova’s microgrid has been a key step in helping the community reduce its reliance on diesel.

Case studies and customer success stories

See how your industry is changing the future

We are solving a fundamental societal problem – to bring affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to people. Together, with customers and partners we are building the backbone of our entire energy system. We are inventing and implementing fascinating technologies, which are bringing us closer towards a carbon-neutral future and that will bring unbelievable value for sustainable societies. 

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