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Flexibility & Value

Delivering value from your transmission or distribution network and ensuring flexibility towards rapid change will be a cornerstone of the next 10 years and beyond.

As we progress onwards with utilizing digital solutions, optimizing insights from the data you already have and identifying what additional data you require to make the best-informed decisions is critical to your success. Learn how Hitachi Energy makes digital real for you and helps you unlock more value from your network.

Ensuring flexibility of your transmission and distribution networks

“Achieving all national climate and energy goals will require adding or replacing 80 million km of power lines by 2040 – an amount equal to the entire existing global grid,” according to the International Agency’s 2023 Electricity Grids and Secure Energy Transitions Report. On the journey to upgrading the network, flexibility of existing networks will be paramount.
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Blazing the trail to asset performance improvements, cost reductions and risk mitigation with Lumada APM.

Delivering value from your transmission and distribution networks

Going beyond your regulatory imperatives and delivering additional value to stakeholders will become more important to your organization. Partnering with Hitachi Energy can help you unlock new value streams.

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Understand more about how we drive energy flexibility and deliver real value.

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