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Team of main engineers control of industry process using SCADA system, AI and digital technology. Operators control machine operation processes uses screens. Industry 4.0

Energy Consulting

Experts, expertise, experience – this is what differentiates our consulting services in the marketplace. Stemming from a broad background in Hitachi Energy and power quality consulting, we have expanded to offer services that enhance the energy transition, including renewable power plant design, e-mobility solutions design, techno-economic analysis of emerging tech and business models, and grid impact studies for renewables, e-mobility and other loads. ​

From solution planning to implementation and ongoing operations, partnering with our energy consulting services (Power Consulting) ensures the best service and business outcomes, no matter where or when you need them.​

Our consulting services provide a comprehensive combination of business, functional, and technical expertise. Our consultants have deep experience in asset-intensive industries, providing a unique blend of application, IT, and industry-specific knowledge to drive improvements at every level of an organization, from corporate strategy to shop-floor operations.

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