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Solar Power

Solar power is the world’s fastest-growing renewable energy source and is poised to play a major role in the future energy mix of our carbon-neutral future and it’s easy to understand why.

Harnessing and converting the sun’s energy into electricity is not only the lowest cost option for a renewable energy source but it can also be deployed at scale and speed, whether that be through rooftop solar panels or utility-scale solar farms.  And more importantly, it complements offshore and onshore wind power to promote a renewable energy mix that serves consumers around the world. 

The challenges of solar power

Delivering utility scale solar presents significant challenges, especially in relation to current supply chain concerns, integration with the grid, connectivity, energy storage and power quality.

But we’re here to support our customers from the offset.

With early engagements we can collaborate on pre-construction design, capacity reservation, early work agreements and a strategic partnership that serves your mid/long-term requirements.  

The future of solar power is going to be bright

For solar farms to deliver to their full potential and value, the overall complexity and pressure of the grid will increase.

In many of these pressurized circumstances, such as more demanding grid codes and the necessity for flexibility, digitalization will be key. Digitalization will be required to monitor, maintain and provide actionable insight in order to ensure reliable, power quality is transmitted and distributed.

Solar power isn’t just for the few. To realize a stable renewable energy future will require upgrades and expansion of our existing grid infrastructure.

At Hitachi Energy, we have the expertise, the solutions and the determination to ensure a sustainable energy future for all. 

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What we bring to solar power

De-risk your projects

Improve and de-risk your business cases for new projects, lower costs and maximize revenue with the aid of our consulting services, proprietary market data & analysis and software solutions.
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Ensure system reliability and security

Our world-class, end-to-end digital portfolio delivers integrated control, monitoring and asset management capabilities to ensure non-stop reliability, stability and security of the grid – whether that be primary sensors, substations and through to grid connections.

Accelerate project delivery​

That’s why we’ve developed pre-integrated solar energy solutions to help simplify project management and deliver unmatched quality assurance to speed up your time-to-market.

Hear from our customers in the solar power sector

Huge solar power plant with panels for renewable energy at Broken hill mining city of Australian outback - wide aerial panorama.

Discover how Hitachi Energy is integrating emission-free energy into the grid from the world’s largest single solar project.


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Collaborating towards a sustainable energy future with Hitachi Energy

Together with our customers and partners, we are committed to accelerating the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral energy system with electricity being the backbone of this revolution.

Our diverse portfolio helps combat the challenges associated in integrating and connecting solar power to the grid - whether that be through energy trading software, consulting services, fit-for-purpose solar inverter transformers, power quality solutions, asset management and much more.

A renewable energy future is within our grasp.

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Hitachi Energy is charging towards a renewable energy future.

Are you ready to discuss your solar energy journey?