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Why Work With Us

Shape Tomorrow Today

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Work With Purpose

Advancing a sustainable energy future for all

We bring energy to our homes, workplaces, hospitals, and schools. What we deliver is used globally by more than three-quarters of the world’s population.

What we do is always evolving. Keeping the world turning requires us to find new ways to do big things better in close partnership with the communities who need us, and with the partners who genuinely inspire us.

We are an energy technology company with engineers, digital pioneers, creators, and innovators at our core. We do more than keep the lights on, our purpose is to inspire sustainable progress.

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Think Big

Our impact is real

Our work has massive scale. We build sustainable energy solutions that span cities, countries, and continents. We transfer the power of the world’s largest wind farms, bring energy to mass transportation systems, and protect our biggest cities from blackouts.

We solve seemingly impossible engineering problems, pushing boundaries, breaking records, and never giving up. Our work doesn’t stop as we strive to meet the challenges of today and the demands of tomorrow.

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Diversity + Collaboration = Great Innovation

Diversity is our differentiator

Today’s challenges are bigger than one company, one team, and one individual.

We recognize that true innovation comes through collaboration with diverse colleagues. We need talented people from different backgrounds to bring fresh ideas, to question the status quo, and to challenge us with their unique points of view.

By connecting colleagues across the globe in an inclusive environment, we leverage the full power of diversity of thought. This is essential to shape our future through active collaboration delivering great innovation.

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Energize Your Career

Are you ready to lead?

We’ll support, encourage and guide you to reach your career goals through our commitment to lifelong learning.

You’ll be part of a global team who will stretch you, give you responsibility, and encourage you to make decisions. By working every day with colleagues from around the world there are many opportunities to learn, make lifelong friends, have fun, and be inspired.

Come as you are and prepare to get better as you learn from others. Bring your passion, your drive, and plug into a team that will energize your career while advancing a sustainable energy future for all.

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Ready to Shape Tomorrow Today?