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The Journey of Electricity  

Closing the energy literacy gap will ensure a more inclusive and sustainable energy future. In this animation series produced by BBC Storyworks, our electricity guru Electron, takes four teenagers Tahil, Jesse, Oway and Emma on an immersive journey into the world of electricity, sustainability, and the energy transition. Can Electron teach them about all things electricity while showing them how to be conscious consumers?

Episode 1: What is Electricity?

Electron transports avid gamer Tahil to the World of Electricity, after he overloads a circuit and causes a power cut while playing his game.

Can Electron show Tahil how to safely play within the realms of electricity so he can get his game up and running again?

Episode 2: How does electricity travel? 

When Jesse’s e-scooter runs out of electricity, Electron takes them on a journey aboard the Electroloop, to discover how electricity travels. 

Can Jesse use their newfound knowledge to reach their destination? 

Episode 3: The Energy Transition

Electron challenges determined problem-solver Oway to solve the energy transition – but can the teen navigate the complex maze and find the solutions to create a more sustainable energy future?

Episode 4: The Electric Future

Electron invites Emma to see the Electric Future – a futuristic world powered by renewable electricity. What technology will Emma encounter on her travels to this sustainable energy future?