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Grid and Generation Management

Gain real-time control with Network Manager

More intermittency, more extreme weather, more complexity. Gain control of your grid and generation management with Hitachi Energy’s Network Manager.

Respond to dynamic system disruptions by acquiring and controlling real-time, mission-critical data across generation, transmission, and distribution.

Network Manager enables you to run the grid, creating real-time harmony of data, people, and systems for maximum operational resiliency and reliability.

Network Manager is purpose-built with the flexibility to meet your needs today, and in the future.

Network Manager Benefits

What can we do for you?

With our future-ready Network Manager, you can:

Integrate seamlessly: We help you connect to millions of data points and integrate securely and smoothly with Network Manager and other third-party applications.

Deploy with speed: We help you move from upgrades to updates with faster deployments.

Scale with ease: Deploy Network Manager as an on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid solution and dynamically scale in real time as needed.

Modernize control room operations

Get a single, common user interface (UI) for SCADA, advanced distribution management system (ADMS), energy management system (EMS), generation management system (GMS), and wide area monitoring system (WAMS). The modern UI provides improved situational awareness and intuitive usage for operators.


  • A geographic view of operations (e.g., plants, T&D grids). 
  • Personalized display layouts, bookmarks, and ribbon configurations.
  • Seamless navigation
16:9_NM - NM_modern_UI

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Grid harmony, uninterrupted

Get in touch with our team to discover which Network Manager configuration would address your challenges and help you operate your grid in harmony. Let’s get to work!