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TXpert Enabled Power Transformer

Control your future

With changing energy sources and usage, reliable power is more important than ever – and this is exactly what the TXpert Enabled digital power transformer delivers. Digitally enabled and as a part of the TXpert Ecosystem, optimizing asset performance is simple. Early warning prevents failures, and the open, modular, scalable design provides a future-proof solution.

So take control of your future, and transform it for the next generation.

  • Monitoring and diagnostics in real time – avoid unplanned outages with early warnings and prevention of failure
  • Higher confidence in equipment integrity with condition-based and predictive maintenance
  • Improved safety - Remote access and asset management capabilities minimize human exposure to substation environment

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12-05-2020 | 5 min read

Enabling Chile to efficiently integrate renewables with digital transformers


Hitachi Energy digital transformers improve the reliability of major new wind and solar power projects in Chile, improving access to reliable and clean energy

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