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Supply Chain Finance

We strive to process invoices and make payments to our suppliers efficiently and effectively. With Approved Trade Payables Finance (ATPF), our Supply Chain Finance program, select suppliers can sell their receivables to a bank for immediate cash payment at a very attractive discount rate, based on our credit rating. This enables suppliers to improve cash flow and optimize working capital.

Supplier benefits

Improved cash flow

Selling our receivables to banks means getting paid quicker.

Optimized working capital

Sale of receivables for non-recourse cash improves liquidity, reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improves the debt/equity ratio.

Reduced cost

Get automatic payments for invoices once they are approved and reduce Account Receivable costs relative to our receivables.

Transparent cash flow

Suppliers can view the approved payments (receivables) immediately, see payment amounts and dates at an early stage.